Blog16 Way Behind


Well I am afraid I am still not used to blogging yet. How does everyone find the time? Well I suppose that when you work full time and study full time and have a daughter to bring up on your own – you have no time left. It is a very time consuming task. Unfortunately I think I have run out of time, and have fallen way behind my blogging schedule. At least my assignment is in. It is really rather comforting to know though that if you just follow the schedule and do all your tasks, and get your blogs in, that you get 5 marks. Hopefully my assignment will end up being ok and I won’t be scrapping the end of the marks bucket for any extra bits to get me over the line. Fingers Xed. I still haven’t received my prac placement yet – looks like it will be a last minute thing – so hard to really start any planning until I know at least which grade I will be in………. Will just have to have a little patience…….and get some sleep.


Blog 15 Digital Citizenship


There is a lot of information about being a responsible Digital Citizen. Ribble (2013) describes a digital citizenship as being more than just a teaching tool, but a way to prepare users of technology to contribute to a society full of technology.

There are 9 themes of digital citizenship, that can be categorized under 1 concept called REPS (Respect, Educate and Protect)


Digital Etiquette – the electronic standards of procedure and conduct. This is about teaching everyone to become responsible digital citizens.

Digital Access – a full electronic participation in society. This is acknowledging that not everyone has the same opportunities with technology.

Digital Law- this is our responsibility (electronically) for our actions and deeds. Individuals need to understand the ramifications of stealing, causing damage to other peoples’ work, identity or property online is a crime.


Digital Communication- the electronic exchange of communication. This describes our ability to communicate with other people worldwide.

Digital Literacy- process of teaching and learning about technology. This is what technology must be taught and how it is taught.

Digital Commerce- electronic buying and selling of good. We must learn to be effective digital consumers.


Digital Rights and Responsibilities – the right to privacy and free speech.

Digital Safety/Security -electronic precautions to guarantee safety. The need for virus protection, data back ups and surge controls.

Health and Welfare- physical and psychological well being in a digital world. Users need to be taught that there are inherent dangers of technology.

Thank you to Chin Wei, Chang (Shireen) for this great picture 






Chin Wei, Chang (Shireen) Image:

Ribble, M. (2013). Digital citizenship using technology appropriately. Retrieved from

Blog 14 Technology Integration Model (TIP)


It is important to effectively integrate ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into the classroom. A great place to start is an ICT integration planning model called TIP (Technology Integration Planning).

This model developed by Roblyer (2006), and adapted by Finger, et al (2007), is described in 5 phases:

1. Determine relative advantage
2. Decide on objectives and assessments
3. Design integration strategies
4. Prepare the instructional environment
5. Revise integration strategies Finger, et al (2007) p. 155

Take a look at fellow student Mike’s adapted TIP Model.

I also agree with his quote:  ‘ If the integration of ICT is not being used to enhance the learning experience in some way, but is merely a substitution for existing techniques, then opportunities to improve the learning experience are lost.’


Mike’s Blog (2013). The Technology Integration Model. Visit :

Roblyer, M.D (2006) Integrating educational technology into teaching, 4th edn, Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Finger, G., Russell, G., Jamieson-Proctor, R., & Russell, N. (2007). Transforming Learning with ICT: Making it Happen. Pearson Education Australia.

Blog 13 SAMR Model


Like fellow blogger, mrsmckinty, I too have to spend some time taking a closer look at this wonderful visual tool. SAMR or Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model helps to integrate technology in an authentic way in learning. It links Bloom’s Taxonomy with ICT resources such as Facebook, iMovie, google, twitter and will be a great resource to have while completing my assignment 2. Use this web  address to have a look at the poster for yourself.

Learning the basics for constructing a unit plan has been great. I somehow missed all this information in earlier subjects, so I am most grateful for it’s inclusion in this subject. Even something as simple as learning about constructing (declarative) knowledge and transforming (procedural) knowledge has made the process easier.

Unfortunately, still not having a prac placement, makes it difficult to start preparation, and I was hoping to base this unit of work around the same setting as prac. As this is not possible at the moment, I will focus my unit plan on the year that I am currently in and go from there. I can’t help but feel a little apprehensive about prac not having a placement secured yet and getting another rejection due to the school only taking placements from certain Uni’s. I will just keep trying.



Blog 12 Flipped Classroom


The flipped classroom is a very interesting concept. There appear to be many pro’s and con’s for using this form of blended learning. I find the collaborative aspect of student’s working together in class to be a positive, and the fact that it provides opportunities for teachers to spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing, is another positive.

On the downside, I tend to agree with Ira Socal and other teachers who believe that any pedagogical design that relies on homework, is a problem for me. Yes, I am one of those teachers who believes that time at home should be for playing,  perusing interests, spending time with family and friends, and not full of doing homework.

There are a number of reasons why I am not a big fan of homework. Firstly, there are so many parents out there who believe homework to be a chore, and do not help their children to complete it; secondly due to varying economics not everyone has computer access for homework; and lastly so many children do after school activities that pressure to complete homework on top of that has become stressful for some children.

I applaud people like Khan Academy for posting free maths and science lessons online to help teachers and students alike, but I don’t believe that these should form the basis for homework or in class blended learning activities. Homework when given, should only be revision and should never replace new learning in the classroom, especially in the earlier years of schooling.

Tegan has a great diagram of Flipped Learning on her blog. I suggest you all take a look – it is great.

Blog 11 Finished Assignment Bliss


Well I think I’ve finally finished my assignment. Yay!!!  Here is the link:

Now just the worry til I found out if I have been on the right track.

Well that’s one down, only 6 assignments plus prac to go…..OMG it’s no wonder my brain is fried!! I definitely don’t recommend working and studying full time – What was I thinking really?

These next lessons on Curriculum planning will be great. I often feel like I have missed something along the way to do with planning and putting my unit plans together, so it will be great to get some extra help before prac.

Still waiting -fingers xed for the school to get back to me about prac. The teacher has said yes, but I need to make an appointment to talk with admin and sort out permission from the school. It’s very hard when you work full time to catch some of these educational professionals – everyone has such busy lives. And I am running out of time.

Well I will go and check that my links work and put the link onto the document for assessment and then it’s off for a well earned sleep.

Blog 10


Wow it’s Thursday already and I’m only just getting to my blog for the week. Assignment 1 is coming along – I only have a few more items to add and then I can add it here on my blog.

I read a very interesting blog from Michelle Clout called “Slate, Paper and iPads“. What a great read. I recommend you taking a look. It is about how much the iPads look very similar to the old slates that children used to use in school.

During our course we have been investigating the idea that most technology replaces old ideas. Well this seems to ring true in this case. What is even more interesting to think about is, how will this tablet evolve in the future….?

I think as a teacher it is really about taking control of your own professional development and about staying connected. I think it is a very important trait to have as a teacher. Not only to be connected technologically, but I think staying connected to each generation of students and learning what is important to them.

Fingers crossed I will hear about my prac placement soon – starting to get a little nervous as my pre-made plans are dwindling and I’m left with only a couple of my back up options. The joys of Uni life. Speaking of which – back to my assignments……